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I’ve Finally Moved This Site!

This site will not be updated any more… which, it really hasn’t been updated in a LONG TIME, so check out the new site and see what’s new!

I’ve moved to

and that’s where the new website is with all kinds of info about Expedition:Beyond the Walls 2! Check it out!


Ouch – 60 Minute Bug

Sometimes the toughest bugs are little ones. For some reason, the fights in Beards were expiring even before the participants got a chance to beat on each other – a new fight was being created every 2 seconds with the same participants.

It took a long time to track down, but it came to the “performFights” method…

fightOver = [[allFights objectForKey:aFightKey] isFightOver];

[removals addObject:aFightKey];

Should have been…

fightOver = [[allFights objectForKey:aFightKey] isFightOver];

if (fightOver){

[removals addObject:aFightKey];


I forgot to check the fightOver test! Gah. Oh well, such is coding.

Combat Coming

So, the new base for combat is coming along. I’ve switched the way the dwarves work from an orders based system to using finite state machines – the work was a pain in the butt, though definitely worth it for the flexibility. I’ve nearly finished the bit where the good guys and bad guys face off.

Yeah, I had it “done” before, but that wasn’t using states, so it had to be redone. Now it is almost redone! I’ll end up posting a video when I’ve got it working a bit better. Once the core functionality is done, I’ll clean it up.

Beards Theme Music


Here is the basic background music for Beards! the game. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks Jason Haury for your work on it! It’s great.

Short, Rough Video Posted

I posted a very quick rough video of the “jabbing” in the combat system. Basically, every half second, each creature involved in a combat gets a chance to make an attack. So, until I get real art in there, I just put in a “jabbing” motion for baddies and dwarves alike.



I’m posting these blog entries in both the new site at and here as well for a while.

Reopened Racingspider Games Website

I’m working on reopening the old Racingspider Games, LLC website. That’ll allow me to put more custom content in and all that jazz. Some cool stuff eventually coming!

You can find the website at

which will redirect to

The wordpress is the developer blog, and that’s where all the new posts will be going, though I may link between the two for a while.

Beards Job Manager Working!

I started last month reworking the old Job Manager to handle jobs differently. I got frustrated trying to shoehorn in the new functionality, and then took a break from it for about a month. In that time, I fleshed out some other ideas for different games, and started porting Expedition:Beyond the Walls to iPad.

I’ve now spent a couple days rewriting (completely) the Job Manager and fixed some inconsistencies with miner status (sometimes he didn’t change his status to idle). Anyway, now jobs are created on a tile, and you simply move the correct worker type to it. Once he’s idle, the Job Manager will assign him (and make him start building).

Once all required worker types are present, the countdown will begin to completion!